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Kiron Advertising

Kiron UK advertising in pdf format - Part 4-1

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After 20 years…

it’s time…     (4.9MB)

March 1981



February 1982

Feel me




…Met One?




Upon launch (1981) in the UK Kiron were distributed by Lotus Instruments initially in Birmingham…

…and then on 1st March 1983, Photopia International, Newcastle, Staffs took over the role… click to go to…

Kiron Ads

Part 3

Kiron Ads

Part 1

Kiron Ads

Part 2

Kiron Ads

Part 5

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How to frame your friends.

(UK version)


Sept 1981

…and then moved to Hanworth, Middlesex  August 1982

Shoot it


March 1983


de luxe


May 1982

Page 110