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Kiron Ads

Part 4

Kiron Advertising

Kiron advertising in PDF format- Part 2

Leaflets - How to Buy a Lens… series

Different versions….

Kiron Lenses and Accessories (folding Leaflet)

Undated - circa 1985

LoQ (approx 759KB)  -  HiQ (Approx 5.8MB)

How to Buy A Lens With Your Eyes Open (folding leaflet)

Undated - circa1983

LoQ (approx 685KB)  -  HiQ (Approx 6.3MB)

We Want Your Body (folding leaflet)

July 1981

LoQ (approx 344KB)  -  HiQ (Approx 1.82MB)

                How to Buy A Lens With Your Eyes Open (booklet)

                September 1980

        LoQ (approx 849KB)  -  HiQ (Approx 5.92MB)

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Kiron Ads

Part 5

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